The Artist in you

Fashion photography, next to vintage markets, people that make art and at the same time, bargaining. 2.880 hours of sunshine a year and the city still promises endless nights. Rehearsals from live bands, straits that come alive through rough performances, people drinking at the same coffee table, the ritual is important. Street artists, musicians, passers-by... everything happens here, in the heart of the city.

Here we are, on the most authentic side of Athens. In a building, where once housed graffiti artists. A destination, a passage, a meeting point, an alternative shelter. it feels within "the vibe in you".

Here we are to share experiences, trips, impressions, get acquainted, discussions, social & philosophical analyses. Here I am to feel myself. From the "uncomfortable" side of the city, I am here to find absolute calm and good energy, as if I am in my own protected zone.

Hospitality, good taste, discretion, creativity, comfort, style, quality, harmony.

Like a living canvas

The Artist Athens has its stable values. But at the same time it gives you the impression that nothing is stagnant and permanent. Like a living canvas constantly shaped by the people, their moods and the authentic life of the city, reminds you that every moment conceals a form of art.

Each floor and every space is like a small well-directed scenery that has its own story and makes you want to join the plot...

From the ground floor to the Lounge Bar-Restaurant, which is also open to passers-by, to the inner yard –an oasis on the 1st floor– and finally on the terrace overlooking the Acropolis.
Photo Gallery
Lobby entrance
7 Kalamida Str.,105 54, Psyrri, Athens, Greece
Bar entrance
4, Melanthiou Str, Athens, Greece
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