Do you want to train your palate to taste more nuances in beers, or have you ever wondered what beer style pairs best with street food? In this Tasting section, you can elevate your beer tasting experience by combining beer education and cultural delights to help you along your beer journey. Beers are an exquisite variety of drinks that are refreshing and fun.


Understanding how to taste, pour and present beer allows everyone to better integrate beer with food. The tasting session, takes a detailed look at what makes up a beer’s flavor profile and experiencing the intricate details of the beer during a tasting.
Beer and food pairings create an unforgettable dining experience.
Discover cultural delights and delectable beers of Greece in The Artist Ground Floor.


Our Beer Tasting Project consists of:
•    Tasting 6 Greek Beers from small Breweries
•    Street Food pairing
•    Enjoying out unique Beer Cocktail under the outstanding Acropolis View


We will ultimately help you to build your beer and food pairing knowledge.
Beer lovers can dive into beer and food pairings with the Artist Beer Tasting Experience.
We invite you to grab a beer, sit down, and start learning about beer with us. We’re glad you’re here! We’ll see you on your next adventure in beer tasting .


For the Beer Tasting Experience, book online

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